Horse Tail Hair Whisk

Whisk is a kind of utensil made of animal tail hair (horse, stag, yak, fox, elephant, etc.), woolen thread, silk rope, cloth strand, cotton, hemp, palm, nylon, etc. attached to the front of the handle, and its appearance is similar to a duster. In general daily life, it is used to repel mosquitoes and flies.

In Chinese culture, the whisk is also a daily tool of Taoism, a solemn tool of Buddhist Zen Buddhism, a tool held by literati and elegant scholars, an imperial tool used by emperors to travel, and a weapon used by Taoists in novels. It is also a very common tool in cultures such as Japan, Tibet, India, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Oceania. It is a tool used by various religious beliefs and a ritual tool that represents the status of kingship.

Yibai mainly produces whisks made of horsetail hair, namely horsetail whisks. And use peach wood to make the handle. Our horsetail whisks are handmade, sturdy and durable, made of high-quality horsetail materials, easy to comb, and no knots.

Specifications and Real Shot Pictures

Common Horsetail Whisk Size and Weight:

Horsetail Length Horsetail Weight Handle Length Total Length
60cm 100g 45cm 105cm
60cm 150g 45cm 105cm
60cm 200g 45cm 105cm
70cm 125g 45cm 115cm
70cm 150g 45cm 115cm
70cm 200g 45cm 115cm
70cm 250g 45cm 115cm
80cm 125g 45cm 125cm
80cm 150g 45cm 125cm
80cm 200g 45cm 125cm
80cm 250g 45cm 125cm

Products Display:

Length: 60cm, Weight: 150g
Length: 70cm, Weight: 150g
Length: 70cm, Weight: 200g
Length: 80cm, Weight: 200g
Length: 70cm, Weight: 250g
Length: 80cm, Weight: 250g

We also provide matching waterproof Oxford cloth whisk bags, available in three colors.

Horsetail Hair Whisk Use

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