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quality of violin bow hair

How to distinguish the authenticity and quality of violin bow hair?

Make violin bows with nylon yarn and low-quality horsetail hair, and then install them on the violin and pull them. You will find that they have very little pronunciation and noisy sound. However, the sound of a bow made of high-quality horsetail hair is very sweet. It can be seen that the quality of horsetail hair plays a vital role in whether the violin can make a beautiful sound. Why is the sound of a bow made of nylon wire and poor quality horsetail unpleasant? The key is that there are no hairy scales on the nylon wire, and the hairy scales of the inferior horsetail hair are also defective. The hair scales on the horsetail hair play an important role. Under the microscope, the horsetail hair is hollow, and the hair scales are attached to the horsetail hair irregularly. There are several grades of horsetail hair, general, selected and specially selected. The diameter of general horsetail hair is 14 to 20 threads. The specially selected horsetail hair is also called male horsetail hair. Its diameter is about 17 threads or more, which is thicker than ordinary horsetail

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