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Leading Horse Hair Supplier & Exporter in China

Yibai horsehair is one of the earliest horsehair manufacturers in China and has nearly 20 years of experience in the industry. We have a stable supply system and industry-leading product quality. Now we have 35 production workers and professional sales staff, the annual output reached 9 tons at the highest, and we have developed a complete after-sales process to solve any possible customer dissatisfaction.
In the past, we have been supplying to Chinese musical instrument manufacturers (such as violin, erhu), and now our products have been exported all over the world, benefiting customers in Europe, North America, Canada, and Asia, and have obtained musical instrument wholesalers, bows manufacturers, musicians, and music lovers are widely favored.

  • Our products guarantee 100% pure horsehair material.
  • Our horse hair comes from Mongolia.
  • We will provide a variety of customization options for grades, colors, and sizes to control costs and budgets.
  • We will provide the best quality ex-factory price, you do not need to buy from middlemen.
  • We can provide you with free samples so that you can check the quality of our horsehair.
  • Wholesale and retail exports to all parts of the world are available.

What we customize for you?

Size (Customizable length)

Check the size list we provide, each use uses different sizes of horsehair, which can be customized.

Multiple colors available

We provide a variety of color options, including natural white, black, brown, etc, and also support dyeing into various colors and mixed colors.

Premium grade

Our horsehair has quality grades because we will manually select the best quality through repeated manual selection. 

Horse Hair & Related Products We Offer

Our main production and processing of horsehair include horse tail hair and horse mane hair. Mainly customized manufacturing, bow horsehair, horsehair brush, various crafts and decorations made with horsehair, horsehair jewelry, etc. For all products, we provide custom design options.

Horsehair for Bow

Used to make bowstrings for violin, viola, cello, or children's violin.

The horsehair used to make violin bows is our main product. All bow hair is natural and non-bleached. We do not apply any chemicals to clean horsehair. Therefore, the quality of the bow strings is very good.
In addition, Our worker picks the horsehair by hand 1 time to 5 up times to select the best quality natural hair to ensure high-quality bow hair with good strength, light natural color, elasticity, and resilience.

Horse Tail Hair & Horse Mane Hair

Horse Hair Brush

Horsetail Whisk

Horsehair Fabric For Lining Cloth

Curled Horse Hair For Padding

Horse Hair Jewelry

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