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horse tail hair & horse mane hair

The horse hairs are available in various sizes, mainly divided into horse tail hair and horse mane hair. Horse tail hair is usually harder and coarser than mane, but it is longer. Both can be picked and processed for various uses. View More>>

horse tail hair for bow

The horsehair used to make violin bows is our main product. All bow hair is natural and non-bleached. We do not apply any chemicals to clean horsehair. Therefore, the quality of the bowstrings is very good. View More>>

Horsetail Whisk

Horsetail is also the main material for making whisks. Horsetail whisks are not only a symbol of Chinese Taoism but also a tool for removing flies and mosquitoes. View More>>

Curled Horse Hair For Padding

100% natural curly horsehair is used as filling material, such as filling mattresses, pillows, chairs, or other fillings, and its breathability is very good. View More>>

Horse Hair Brush

Our horsetail hair and horse mane can also be used to make brushes. The processed mane hair and tail hair can be made into polishing wheels, cleaning brushes, makeup brushes, shoe brushes, and so on. View More>>

Horsehair Fabric For Lining Cloth

We also provide horsehair fabrics for weaving and industrial decoration purposes. Characteristics of horsehair fabric for lining cloth: Non-shrinking, good at flexibility, softness and stiffness. Ideal good quality lining cloth for making top grade clothing. Clothes made with horse tail hair lining cloth are stiff, beautiful, durable and lasting in keeping shape. View More>>

Horse Hair Jewelry

Horsehair can also be used to weave various jewelry, handicrafts and pendants. Such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, key pendants, etc. View More>>

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