Horse Tail Hair & Horse Mane Hair

As a leading horse hair processor in China, Yibai has 20 years of experience in this industry. Horsehair includes horsetail and horse mane. We process them (picking, straightening, trimming) and make them into horsehair bundles for sale.
Horsetail hair is longer, harder, or coarser than mane hair. And the tail hair is prepared two ways in China: “double drawn” which is trimmed at both ends and “single drawn” which is trimmed at one end only. In addition, the horsehair bundles we provide are available in various sizes for various purposes, ranging from 4 inches to 36 inches. And supports various colors, including natural white, black, brown, gold and mixed colors, etc.

Horse Hair Use

Horse hair can choose different sizes, qualities, and colors for various purposes, including bow hair, brush fiber, rocking horses, tail extension, wigs, horse hair weave, and jewelry.

A Note On Colors

Please note that the black horse hair could be jet black or have a hint of brown in them. The brown and dark red are sometimes hard to tell apart because some brown bundles may be darker and reddish and some dark red bundles may be browner.

A Note On Bundles

The horse hair is sold by the bundle, this facilitates transportation and protects the horsetail from damage. And we can customize the size and weight of each bundle according to your requirements, and provide quality packaging. Its purpose is to facilitate your use or secondary sales.

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