Horse Tail Hair and Horse Mane

As a leading horse hair processor in China, Yibai has 20 years of experience in this industry. Horsehair includes horsetail and horse mane. We process them (picking, straightening, trimming) and make them into horsehair bundles for sale.

Horse Tail Hair & Horse Mane Hair

Tail hair and mane are both hairs from the horse’s body, and they have some differences in appearance and use.

Horse Tail Hair

Tail hair is the long hair on a horse’s tail. It is usually long, thick, and coarse. It has good elasticity and toughness, making it commonly used for making instrument strings (such as violin bow strings), brushes (such as paintbrushes), and some decorations, among other things.

Tail Hair Length

The most common horsetail is generally around 40 inches long, and it becomes quite rare if it exceeds 40 inches.

We offer horse tail hair in sizes ranging from 4 to 45 inches.

However, the availability of tail hair measuring between 40 and 45 inches is very limited, making them scarce. This is especially true for white hair, as white is the rarest natural color.

It is not easy for a horse to grow a tail that measures one meter in length.

40 inch Black Horse Tail Hair

Horse Mane

Mane refers to the hair on the neck and back of a horse. Compared to tail hair, manes are softer and finer, but they also have good resilience. They are commonly used for making handicrafts, soft brushes, artworks, decorations, and more.

Mane Length

The length of the horse’s mane is shorter, and we provide mane sizes ranging from 4 inches to around 16 inches.

Horse Hair Colors

Whether it’s mane hair or tail hair, the color and texture are crucial for the aesthetics and uniqueness of horsehair products.

We offer two colors for our horsehair products: natural color and dyed color.

Natural Color

It depends on the breed and individual differences of horses. Common base colors include black, brown, gray, white, and mixed colors (in order of rarity).

We offer these basic colors, but besides that, we can also customize colors for you! Just let us know the color you want or send us a picture, and we will match it for you. Like this:

Color Blending-Sorrel
Color Blending-Sorrel
Color Blending-Chestnut
Color Blending-Chestnut

We use four basic colors: black, brown, gray, and white. By combining them in different proportions, we create a variety of natural colors.

Mane Colors
Mane Colors
Tail Hair Colors
Tail Hair Colors

Dyed Color

Horse Hair Dyed Color
Horse Hair Dyed Color

Dyeing horse hair in various colors, although they may appear unreal, can create a wider range of unique hues.

A Note On Bundles and Packaging

The horse hair is sold by the bundle, this facilitates transportation and protects the horsetail from damage. And we can customize the size and weight of each bundle according to your requirements, and provide quality packaging. Its purpose is to facilitate your use or secondary sales.

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