Horse Tail Hair for Bow

One of the main uses of horsetail hair is to make a violin bow. Yibai will carefully select the purest color and best quality horsehair from horsehair materials to use as the bowstring of the violin bow. Each hair is sorted for even thickness and length. And has good strength and the most natural creamy white.

  • Our bow hair is mainly from Mongolian horsehair, and it is guaranteed to be 100% natural horse tail hair.
  • The horsetail hair we provide is suitable for children’s violin, violin, viola, and cello.
  • All of the horsetail hairs we use for bows are natural. Each bowstring needs about 180-220 hairs and weighs about 7 grams. And the quality is very high, long and strong, uniform thickness and uniform color.
  • The best color is pure white (other colors are not commonly used and the quality is not as good as pure white), and the horsetail hair used to make the bow is smooth.
  • The irregular structure of horsetail hair will cause noise, and because it is a purely natural material, perfect horsetail hair is very rare, so we manually pick more than 6 times to make sure that the horsetail hair used to make the bow is more perfect of.

The horsehair used to make the bow is 100% horsetail hair, and the quality of the horse mane is poor and the length is very short, which is not suitable for making bowstrings.

Violin Bow Hair Color

The horsetail used for the bow is usually natural white. This color represents the best quality of horsetail hair with high strength, good stretch, and recovery rate. And can provide the best sound quality for various violins.

We also provide bleached white horsetail hair, which means bleaching high-quality black or other color horsetail hair into white. The appearance of bleached horsetail is no different from natural white, but the quality is not as good as natural white horsetail, and it is generally used for low-cost options. View more about horsehair colors.

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