Grade, size & color of horsehair

Our Horsehair Grade

In order to ensure that the violin can produce the best sound, we will manually pick the horsehair many times to seek the highest quality. As a result, the products we offer are divided into three levels:
1. Normal:
Simple picking, only picking out the uneven color of the horsehair. This horsehair is usually inconsistent in thickness, but the price is lower. Provide general sound quality.
2. Better, mid-range:
After three picks, the horsehair with uneven color and poor pulling force was picked out. The remaining horse hair has better quality, consistent thickness, and better sound quality.
3. Best quality:
This is the highest quality choice, after strict pick more than five times. This horsehair has consistent thickness, Pure white without variegated colors, good strength, high thickness, very straight and resilient, solid and durable. Selection of the best violin bow sound quality.

Customizable Size

We provide horsehair in customizable sizes for various purposes. The shortest size is 4 inches and the longest ponytail is 36 inches.

Inch Cm Inch Cm
4" 10.16 cm 20" 50.80 cm
5" 12.70 cm 21" 53.34 cm
6" 15.24 cm 22" 55.88 cm
7" 17.78 cm 23" 58.42 cm
8" 20.32 cm 24" 60.96 cm
9" 22.86 cm 25" 63.50 cm
10" 25.40 cm 26" 66.04 cm
11" 27.94 cm 27" 68.58 cm
12" 30.48 cm 28" 71.12 cm
13" 33.02 cm 29" 73.66 cm
14" 35.56 cm 30" 76.20 cm
15" 38.10 cm 31" 78.74 cm
16" 40.64 cm 32" 81.28 cm
17" 43.18 cm 33" 83.82 cm
18" 45.72 cm 34" 86.36 cm
19" 48.26 cm 35" 88.90 cm
36" 91.44 cm


There are three main types of horsehair colors we provide, natural colors, bleached, and dyed. You can learn more on this page and then choose according to your specific needs. We have rich experience and professional technology in horsehair color processing. The following are the common types and styles of horsehair colors.

Natural Color
The pure natural horsehair provides the best results. The higher strength and thickness make it strong and durable, and the sound quality is excellent. It is the most suitable horsehair for a violin bow, viola bow, and cello bow. Common natural color horsetails are white, black, brown, gold, and mixed colors.

Bleached Color
Bleached white horsehair is a color that is bleached by other natural horsehair. It looks slightly darker than natural white, and its strength and sound quality are not as good as natural horsehair. Its advantage is lower cost and only supports white options.

If you are interested in more colors of horsehair, then we also provide dyeing options, use some dyes to dye natural horsehair, while retaining its natural properties, while making more interesting and bright colors. Our dyeing options support colors such as green, red, blue, yellow, purple, or orange, as well as mixed colors. Dyed horse hair is usually used in the production of various crafts and decorations, and can also make the violin bow more personalized.

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