Horse Hair for Brush

Our horsetail hair and horse mane can also be used to make brushes. The processed mane hair and tail hair can be made into polishing wheels, cleaning brushes, makeup brushes, shoe brushes, and so on. In industry, it is mostly used for surface treatment and polishing. Because horsehair is soft, corrosion-resistant and does not damage the working surface, horsehair brushes are also mostly used for dust and oil removal of sophisticated instruments.

Horse Hair Sizes for Brush

Colors for Brush

Horse hair used as a brush is usually mixed colors, we also provide pure black, pure white and brown.

Benefits of Horse Hair Brush

  • Horsehair brushes are softer than pig hair brushes and plastic shoe brushes and are not easy to damage the leather surface when oiling and polishing.
  • Horsehair brushes have longer hairs than other brushes and are more flexible and comfortable to use. Polished to be brighter.
  • Antistatic, has strong water absorption and excellent cleaning effect.
  • Will not change temperature due to the weather, and is resistant to alkali corrosion.

Horsehair Products List

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