Curled Horse Hair For Padding

Horsehair is also commonly used as a filling material. When we process horse hairs, we will retain the trimmed excess horsehair and make it curled through washing and disinfection.
It is excellent padding for all your upholstering projects, such as mattresses, sofa, pillows, chairs, etc.
The horsehair filler we provide is 100% natural horsehair, usually a mixture of horsetail hair and mane. We will not mix other materials to make it shoddy.

Permanent Curl
The long, strong horsetail hairs are steam cleaned, not treated with any chemicals and then twisted into cords and kept for six months to give them a permanent curl.
The curled horsetail mass is permanently shaped like a million tiny springs, and the treated horsetail hair is repeatedly used in the mattress layer by layer to play a supportive role. Curly horsetail hair feel very special, each horsetail hair are curly and stiff, together with fluffy and textured. The elasticity and service life are stronger than other materials.

Moisture-proof and constant temperature
The mattress filled with horsetail hair has the characteristics of moisture-proof and constant temperature. They conform to the body and are close to the skin, while allowing for natural air circulation during sleep.
Each horsetail hair has a pipe, can absorb the moisture in the air, and then will soon evaporate, which makes the horsetail hair become a natural built-in air conditioning in the mattress, even in the high temperature environment, filled with horsetail hair mattress is also extra cool and breathable, will not produce because of lying for a long time and become stuffy, there will be a mattress full of pores of a sense of comfort.

Moisture absorption and perspiration
I believe that many people have this experience, sleep just after the sun quilt will feel very comfortable, it is because the moisture in the quilt is very little. The human body itself during sleep sweat, and seep into the mattress into moisture, due to the hollow scale structure of horsetail hair, can send away the moisture into the air, horsetail hair of good breathability, can keep the mattress comfortable and dry.

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